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Welcome.... TerraPages welcomes you to the demonstration for is Geographical Address resolution service TerraCode. These services are based on PSMA G_NAF, Australias most comprehensive national address dataset. You may sample the geocoding service with two query forms. Free Form Address Query: a single input address string is entered (example: "38 Greenhill Rd Wayville SA"). Tokenized Queries can also be made. Reverse Geocoding is also available, finding addresses from geometry. Contact TerraPages for more information.
Geographically locate an Australian address by adding a geographic coordinate (latitude & longitude) to an existing customer address. This is a web service that requires a valid Australian address to generate a G_NAF geocode. The user is required to collect all the elements of an address, package these into the required interface format and submit to the TerraCode Geocode web service. The service will search the indexed lexical database of addresses to find either the actual address or to return with a selection of addresses that could be candidates for an address match. Each record returned will also be accompanied by the associated geocode and its accuracy indicator as supplied from G_NAF.

Any application that needs to locate a valid Australian address on a map or within a location based services application can use this service to generate a geographic coordinate (latitude & longitude). The user can elect to store the resultant geocode in their own database for that address along with the G_NAF accuracy indicator. The use of geocodes in business applications is virtually un-bounded.
Reverse Geocode
List any Australian addresses that are near a geographic location. The web service requires a geographic location (latitude & Longitude) plus an optional search area of interest and will return a list of G_NAF addresses within the search area centred around the entered location. The returned list is sorted by proximity such that the closest address to the entered location is the first address in the list. TerraCode Reverse Geocoderä will also return any alias addresses connected to each primary address.

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